Using techniques grounded in neuroscience and satisfying outcomes, we help create positive changes in people’s lives.

The decision to pursue recovery for mental or behavioral problems is something we’ll always applaud. Hence, if you or a loved one seeks the best treatment approach, know that Behavioral Health Associates of Georgia LLC combines advanced treatment modalities with talk therapy to provide the most effective care possible.

We believe mental health treatment should be holistic— addressing the mind and body. Therefore, we expertly provide trauma therapy, parenting support, family counseling, stress management, and treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental/behavioral issues. We promise personalized treatment strategies to promote each client’s growth and betterment. We also create an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere where all individuals will not fear experiencing judgment as they strive for mental freedom.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses the following services:

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Family/Couples Counseling

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Individual Counseling

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Neurofeedback Training

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Group Counseling

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Pre-Licensed Supervision

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Let Us Advocate for Your Mental Health!

If you struggle with mental or behavioral issues, you don’t have to suffer alone, in silence. Consider taking the first step towards a more promising life by scheduling a FREE consultation  with us.

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