Promoting the growth of soon-to-be therapists through encouragement and supervision

Do you have the passion to work in our industry? We can help prepare you for the profession with our Pre-Licensed Supervision program! Behavioral Health Associates of Georgia LLC has licensed therapists who can guide you as you develop your therapeutic skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Becoming a licensed therapist involves a step-by-step process, and undergoing our program will offer you benefits such as skill-building, mentorship, and the promotion of your growth as a soon-to-be therapist. With years of experience, our licensed supervisors will provide each pre-licensed individual with the highest quality supervision. So, we can guarantee that your goal of becoming a therapist rests in the most dedicated hands.

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Let Us Advocate for Your Mental Health!

If you struggle with mental or behavioral issues, you don’t have to suffer alone, in silence. Consider taking the first step towards a more promising life by scheduling a therapy session with us.

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