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Stop A Temper Tantrum Before It Starts!

June 29, 2018

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Have you witnessed a temper tantrum? When a temper tantrum starts, it’s too late to stop it!

Let’s be real. Dealing with a tantrum in the middle of the grocery is never easy. Remember the last time your child had a temper tantrum. Was your stress level high? Did you feel helpless?

Most parents I talk to agree that temper tantrums happen mainly when a child is told “NO.” So, what’s a parent to do?

Here are five brain-based tools that my clients have used to stop temper tantrums,.

  1. Emotion regulation
  2. Helping child know their triggers
  3. Model the behavior that is expected
  4. Helping child put feelings to their words
  5. Teaching healthy was to resolve a conflict.

Here’s a step by step map to help stop tantrums before they start. Please feel free to share with others here’s the link again.

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